Science without borders: Improving impact by interlinking gender, geographic, disciplinary and educational dimensions.
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  • Maximising cross cutting impacts of gender-sensitive and responsive research (e.g. relationships between sex-gender and health and/or poverty, and/or environment, and/or climate change adaptation, and/or transport)
  • Integrating gender and diversity effects into measuring scientific performance and innovation capacity of individuals, institutions, and countries
  • Promoting gender and diversity benefits in team performance and cooperation and in disciplinary collaborations
  • Advancing gender and intersectional factors as variables and targets of research content and process
  • Transforming gender stereotypes and gender bias in education, workplace, and society at large
  • Enhancing leadership and policy agendas for socially relevant and responsive science and innovation
  • 1A: Sex and gender issues in health
  • 1B: Women in STEM
  • 1C: Gender and Climate Change
  • 2A: Gender Innovation
  • 2B: Women and outer space
  • 2C: Sex and gender in understanding genetics and behaviour
  • 3A: Sex and gender knowledge improving water management
  • 3B: The Power of Research Networks
  • 3C: Sex and gender knowledge driving Sustainable Development
  • 4A: Starting a career in Exact Sciences. How to promote the participation of women?
  • 4B: Agents of Change: gender inclusion in public policy
  • 4C: Inclusion of the gender dimension in international cooperation
  • Inclusion in the programme as part of a parallel panel (oral presentation) and the GS8 Abstract Compendium
  • Inclusion in the Poster Exhibition (at the event and online after) and the GS8 Abstract Compendium
  • Inclusion solely in the GS8 Abstract Compendium

Please note: Only those authors that accept and attend the GS8 can be featured; the key selection criteria will be the closeness of the research subject matter to the content of the Topics and Programme, maturity of the reported work, and overall interest of the topic; only abstracts submitted by the deadline will be reviewed.

The Gender Summit aims to network experts and practitioners concerned in bringing a gender dimension with diversity and inclusion as a key factor of research and innovation excellence. In addition to high-level keynote speakers, the Summit creates a forum for excellent bottom-up contributions from researchers and practitioners alike. The Gender Summit provides researchers, practitioners and policy makers with the latest evidence concerning the role of gender in research and innovation. As a global initiative, with summits in Asia, Europe, North and Latin America and South Africa, the Summits offer a global resource and network of knowledge.

Research and projects by early-stage researchers created within the framework of their PhD studies or a PhD programme can qualify for the Gender Summit Poster Prize - free registration at the GS8.

  1. Download the Abstract Submission Template
    Only complete, proof-read and fully formatted abstracts submitted adhering to the the Gender Summit Abstract Template will be accepted for review.
    Download (word doc)
  2. Create Your Abstract, Format and Save it in line with these guidelines
    Make sure to follow the template layout. The total length of the abstract body is limited to 500 words and 1 page in length! Longer abstracts will not be considered. Make sure the abstract is proof-read as abstracts will be printed in the book of abstracts as submitted. Save the file as a word document with all images and fonts embedded. More information on structure & formatting can be found below and on the abstract template. Please update the name of your abstract to: [Country_ProjectAcronym_AuthorLastName_AuthorFirstName].doc (i.e. Mexico_MexiHealth_Gomez_Isabel.doc)
  3. Submit your Abstract
    Submit your abstract via the official GS8 platform (Call for Abstracts section), by filling in the information fields and attach your proposal (don’t forget to use the template!) in word format. Once submitted, you will receive an email to the e-mail address provided.